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Sunday, March 30, 2008

A midwife in every village

How would you feel if you gave birth to a baby that had died because it’s head got stuck in the birth canal?

How would you feel if that baby’s skull had rubbed a hole in your bladder or rectum giving you uncontrollable urinary and faecal incontinence?

How you would feel if you were then abandoned by your family and cast out of your village because the incontinence made you dirty and smelly.......

This happens to 9000 women a year in Ethiopa.

The childbirth injury is called a fistula injury and it can be completely fixed.

I have been looking for a charity to support with my book (it’s not too late to enter a story: email me at and I have decided to support the Fistula Foundation

In 1959 Catherine Hamlin went to Ethiopia with her husband to set up a midwifery school. Seeing the plight of the Ethiopian women they set about changing it and they never came back

Today Catherin Hamlin is 84 and she is still working at achieving her dream of putting a midwife in every village.

It’s an amazing story. Visit the website and see.

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