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Friday, April 11, 2008

Lessons from the leg wax

The other day I notched up my first one year anniversary with a beauty salon. While this might not sound like much of an achievement it has left me totally delighted.

After two decades of growing body hair I have finally found a leg, bikini, and eyebrow defuzzer which I actually like.

So while I was enduring last week’s leg wax I decided to work out what I liked so much about this particular Temple of Pain and Endurance. Here’s the list:

· It’s clean
· It’s convenient
· The parking is ok
· They stick to appointment times
· The therapists are friendly in a low key way
· The beauticians don’t indulge in inane conversation during treatments
· You get an aroma therapy eye pack while having your legs and bikini done
· It smells nice
· They don’t try to sell products to you

The interesting bit though is that I have no idea whether this beauty salon is expensive or cheap.

My nibble is that although beauty places are ubiquitous, individual salons are unique. So, be bold with your pricing - if your service and ambience are great your customers won’t notice the price; well not much anyway.

Of course I now spend a lot more time and money in my salon ( Massage anyone?

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