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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Being discovered

When I was growing up people got “discovered”. Kate Moss got “discovered” by a model agent at JFK airport. Naomi Campbell got “discovered” while window shopping in Covent Garden. The formerly voluptuous Sophie Dahl got “discovered” on a London street by the fashion maverick Isabella Blow.

These three enormously successful models were also girls that didn’t fit the model mould – Kate was too short, Naomi to exotic and Sophie, well, too voluptuous.

And they still got discovered; there was hope for all of us.

Fast forward to today.

If you are a jewellery designer/cake maker/ novelist you may get “discovered” by Oprah and unveiled on her show

If you are a dress designer you may get “discovered” by Nicole Kidman or Angelina Jolie and worn to the Oscars

If you are a shoemaker you may get “discovered” by Vogue magazine and become the next Jimmy Choo.

Interestingly though, people who get “discovered” are rarely surprised that they have been found. In fact the opposite is true - they have usually been working their little behinds off to make sure that that they get noticed by the right people.

So don’t wait for your business to be discovered. Work out who needs to find you and set about making sure that they do.

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